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As a mediator, I have been fortunate to work with many excellent attorneys, some of whom have passed on their thanks for my work. The following are typical of the comments made by attorneys, from both large and small firms, who have utilized me as a mediator:

"Mr. Katz served as a mediator in a complex commercial dispute.  The case, which involved a thorny set of facts, was further complicated by challenging personal dynamics between the parties.  Late in the day, it seemed that settlement was not achievable, but Mr. Katz stuck with it well after others might have given up.  He continued to approach the problem in new ways, and just wouldn't quit.  Shortly before midnight, we had a signed settlement agreement.  Mr. Katz's creativity and stamina were invaluable at helping the parties resolve their differences."

Jed Wakefield

Partner, Litigation Group

Fenwick & West LLP

San Francisco, California



"Mr. Katz was a very effective mediator in a securities law case I filed against a U.S. company on behalf of one of my Indian clients, an investor in the company. He quickly understood the key legal issues and facts in the case. Equally importantly, he displayed an extraordinary amount of cultural sensitivity and awareness, as he listened carefully and patiently to my client, a rather soft-spoken man, and built a good rapport to earn his trust. This enabled Mr. Katz to make my client, who was inexperienced with mediations, comfortable with the process.

At the same time, Mr. Katz connected with the strong-willed executive who represented the defendant and was able to persuade him --- I do not know how---to move from the intransigent "no-liability" position which the company had been tenaciously voicing.

Mr. Katz' patience, persistence and sincere commitment to achieving a resolution acceptable to both sides proved invaluable. I doubt we would have been able to settle the case without his help."

Javed Ellahie, Esq.

Ellahie & Farooqui LLP

San Jose, California



"Your services as our mediator were superb. I'm convinced we wouldn't have settled this case without your artful participation; you crafted the mediation with exceptional attention to detail and thorough preparation of counsel prior to the mediation session and then infused the mediation itself with the proper mix of merits and economics."

Dennis D. Brown

Law Offices of Dennis D Brown

San Jose, California