Bridging Differences and Resolving Disputes

Welcome to Katz Mediation. My name is Mark F. Katz and I have served as mediator in more than 160 business-related disputes over the past ten years. I have helped parties and their attorneys resolve over 85% of the cases I have mediated during the last five years. The information on this website may help you decide if you would like to work together to successfully resolve your dispute.

As a mediator, I work primarily on business-related cases, bringing to the table more than 40 years of broad experience as a transactional attorney and negotiator. This enables me to quickly grasp the particular facts and legal issues affecting your case and help you bridge differences and find solutions which work for all parties.

Experience has taught me that, with proper preparation with counsel prior to the mediation session, almost any dispute can be settled at the session or shortly afterward. You can read more about some of the effective preparation techniques I have developed in The Recorder article on my "Articles" page.

Due to my many years as a negotiator, I connect well with a wide range of personalities, and by listening attentively gain the trust of all parties and their counsel. Having worked with clients from over 50 countries, I also relate well to people from diverse cultural backgrounds ---a skill which is especially useful in California.

"...Late in the day, it seemed that settlement was not achievable, but Mark stuck with it well after others might have given up. He continued to approach the problem in new ways, and just wouldn't quit. Shortly before midnight, we had a signed settlement agreement..."

Jed Wakefield
Partner, Litigation Group
Fenwick & West LLP
San Francisco, California